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Timur Gagin, Alexey Kelyin

An EasyRider’s manual guide

The EasyRider’s philosophy:
  • to live easily;
  • to catch lucky moments;
  • wherever the wind blows – it’s the right direction for us;
  • to have a plan “B”
  • changes brings joy

This is also about:
  • how to live with pleasure
  • how to have goals everywhere
  • how to be permanently lucky
  • how to be always active
  • how to get a storage space with useful goals
  • how to get keys and use them

EasyRiders vs. Strugglers

Who is who?

EasyRiders are those who are always in a process of achieving many goals at the same time;

Strugglers are those who struggle to the goal through many difficulties and problems.

About EasyRiders’ way of thinking:
  • Each person has many skills and abilities
  • Those who are able to do and know more have more possibilities
  • There are easy ways
  • The easy ways are near fair winds
  • Any wind is fair, you should only set a right goal
  • All the mushrooms are close to unknown Native American paths
  • You can come to this unknown path only if you know keys.
  • There are people who constantly catch a fair wind on the unknown paths by using the keys
They are co-called EasyRiders

About Strugglers’ way of thinking:
  • Everybody bears his/her burden
  • If you want to get more – be ready to more difficulties and hardships
  • A piece of free cheese is only in a mouse-trap
  • Rely only on yourself
  • Each wind is an obstacle, it’s important not to change the direction
  • It’s easier and safer to follow the well-known paths
  • The safe paths are where it’s crowded
  • People should constantly follow the standard paths and get everything at the expense of their titanic efforts
They are so-called Strugglers

EasyRiders’ clues

Main clues: basic states of EasyRiders
An EasyRider anticipates everything and nothing concrete with pleasure. S/he searches for non-standard things. S/he is always interested;
An EasyRider can notice small changes among the fair winds. S/he plays with any available opportunities;
An EasyRider is ready for unstable situations and crises: they open new opportunities;
He goes around obstacles by cunning Native American paths.
An EasyRider finds out new perspectives and doesn’t sort them by importance. Any perspective is good and pleasant by itself.
The main aim is not “to achieve results”, but “a good process of achieving”.

There are always a lot of goals;

When you have a lot of goals, you’re not committed to one and only direction. Wherever you are – you have a desirable goal there.
All the goals are desirable;

There shouldn’t be goals which you want to achieve “under ideal circumstances” or “at least”. They all should give pleasure, either a travel to Hawaii or a carton of milk bought, either a new job or a sudden free time.

The goals may be close and distant, they may attract you with different intensity, but they all must bring you pleasure. The true goals should be important to you and make you feel good, otherwise they are not your true goals.
Goals are everywhere around you

Don’t make a sequence of goals: this goal will be the first, then – this one. Don’t make one goal dependent on another. If one goal is necessary for another, it becomes a mean. Don’t confuse goals and means. Achieve to the goals and change the means when needed.

Goals are everywhere. So, be a sailing ship, not a tram which goes from one stop to the next. Try to avoid tunnels where there is only one way out and dead ends where there is no way out.

You should be able to see desirable goals around you.

Goals “fork”

After you’ve understood what you want find goals in the opposite direction, and to the right and to the left, and also above you and below you (to be on the safe side). If you’re going to the right – you’ll find friends, to the left - you’ll find a job, straight – you’ll get a new clothes, if you’ll stay here – you’ll meet a good person, you fly up – you’ll learn to fly. If not one then the other. You’ll catch luck in any case. It’s like a “fork” in chess

You won’t have unfulfilled dreams. If you didn’t get one goal fly to another one. Use inertia that you already have. Get everything incidentally. Te fact that you’re flying is more important. Not achieving one goal leads you automatically to other.

A storage room for goals

Don’t abandon your goals. Don’t change one goal into another. Don’t miss any pleasant goal. There is a storage room for additional goals, one day the wind will blow towards them. Make a storage space for goals: imagine what and when should happen when you understand that a goal is close. It’s time to get it.

Thus, you put a new goal into storage until it’s time for it.

When it’s time – you’ll remember it.

Clues on paths: find a Native American (unknown) path
The cunning ways of Native Americans

A Native American is the person who is cunning, and a cunning person is a Native American. The cunning Native American doesn’t go to the obstacle, he knows a secret path around it.

There are a lot of nice things on that path and few people on it.

The Strugglers don’t walk there. They don’t know about it.
A Native American path

A Native American path leads you around dangers, obvious obstacles, difficult and boring roads which are known for a long time.

You can get into this path with the help of keys. It’s better to waste a day and find keys and then to get to the goal in five minutes.

Keys are similar to a golden key which Buratino got.

Having keys you don’t waste your time on doing unnecessary things. You do only the things that will bring you results, you push the right buttons, you come into a right place, and you meet the right people. You come to the right place just in time. You’re lucky!
Where are the clues?

Other Native Americans obtain the clues, or they may be on the right paths.

You can get clues by chance. They can be exchanged.

You can recognize, invent, buy, or find the clues.
If you’ve got a key, you can get what you want easily

You get everything you want and it brings you only pleasure. You pay less and get more because you have the keys.
Clues in your mind: they connect everything

Corridors are more important than the rooms. Connections are more important than items Find connections, they make everything work. If you don’t see them it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. How to find out connections?


Follow paths that flow into each other. Let your steps be towards several goals simultaneously.
Don’t waste time and resources unnecessary

If you know all the connections, you can achieve results easily. If you don’t – you may waste your time.
Discover new paths

If you know the connections every step will open you new opportunities and goals. It’s important that you’ll recognize them (especially if you expected that).

Native American ropes

Make a rope;

When you have goals, known the clues and connections – do something! Weave steps from different plans, processes and streams into one big process. As threads weave into laces, laces weave into a rope. Each step leads you to several goals at the same time. Don’t make steps leading only towards one goal.

A stream without a beginning and an end

Let your steps be a continuation or an ending to a previous processes and a beginning to the next processes. Don’t stop. The process of moving is the most important thing. Achieve goals on your way, you have luck.

None of the processes is the most important. And you shouldn’t have a process that you should finish in any case. Don’t stop and don’t finish. Continue. Your life is going further.
Like a mosaic

Enjoy yourself: put together a mosaic. Let anticipated events to become mixed up. Put each opportunity to its place. And finally all the pieces will gather into a mosaic.
One day the mosaic will be put together

If you don’t have anything to do, be active nevertheless. Maintain your acquaintances, examine current winds, and find out the keys. Fill in your storage space with keys, abilities, opportunities, and acquaintances are).

Live intensively

One day your life will end, they say.

The more goals you’re achieving the more interesting your life is becoming, the more fun you are having. You can make mistakes easily because you have enough time to fix the situation. You can rest and you won’t be late. The Strugglers are achieving something all their life, the EasyRiders are living, achieving by the way.
Try to catch a fair wind

Know what wind blows where

There are four EasyRiders’ kinds of winds: desires, circumstances, desires of other people, and inertia of the previous movement. When all the winds blow in one direction, an EasyRider has the best time.

But usually these winds blow in different directions, they can sum up and become another wind which moves us to a fifth direction. But you have goals in that direction too, so relax and be ready to get your goals using the luck you have.

Your conscious efforts are not a wind; they are similar to a steering wheel. Strugglers usually drive uphill against wind. Sometimes you may use your steering wheel to change slightly the direction (in order to catch your goal). Then you can relax again, the wind has changed. It’s constantly changing. That’s good!

The EasyRider’s wishes

the Strugglers don’t want to dream, because for each new goal they’ll have to pay a lot and struggle through difficulties. The EasyRider lives easily: he put goals into the storage room. He follows the fair wind, and the wind is always fair (everywhere you’ve got goals). The EasyRiders’ wishes bring him happiness, while the Strugglers’ wishes bring them difficulties.

All the winds are fair

Get ready to catch luck.

The EasyRider sees a lot of tasty treats everywhere. If the wind is blowing and you don’t have any goals there now, think of what could you want there?

A fair EasyRider’s wind is bad for a Struggler. Look at windsurfers or at hitch-hikers – their wind is always fair.

Find more sawdust


If you make two toothpicks of two logs you’ll have a lot of sawdust. And this is a material for building, making toys, agriculture or chemicals.

You have a desired result. But also there are additional unplanned bonuses. Make your production without waste. And try to produce such things which will give you desirable sawdust. It’ll increase your benefits.
“By the way” in your communication
Where can you find an EasyRider?

Five EasyRiders will do more together than separately. It’s useful to be together. So how can you recognize them? Listen to a person’s words.
What should be heard?

“by the way”, “in addition”, “to the point”, “it’s the right moment”, “if we talk about it…”

Use these words, you’ll always remember that everything is connected with each other and there is an interesting process. You can take your friends to an interesting theme or idea.

Play with words

Play words games every time and everywhere. You’ll develop you skill to think as an EasyRider. We recommend you to read Lewis Carroll to practice more.
On the whole: get fun

Relax, there is no beginning or an end. The EasyRider is always in a process. Let you dreams be an ending of the previous processes, and a beginning of the new ones.

Let it be fun

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