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NLP Models in a psychologist’s work

Timur Gagin, Stanislav Kozakevich

The authors worked out a Model of psychologists who practice individual consulting or a group work, and committed their experience to paper in a lively manner and with a sense of humor. They created a sequent scheme from a contact establishment period to a finishing work. Any practical psychologist may fulfill this scheme with his own experience and methods. This Model will be useful either to beginners or to professionals. It’ll help to create new training programs. The described in this book working Model doesn’t depend on theoretical preferences of a reader and this is its main advantage. This book will serve to psychologists and psychotherapists as a manual guide, and to other people it’ll explain how the professionals work.

Cost – 400 rub.


NLP New – Coding or the Chief

Chancellor wises to meet you!

Timur Gagin, Stanislav Ukolov

Each of us has such moments and periods in life when we succeed in doing something and these events give us and our dearest and nearest pure esthetic pleasure. Fantasy, inspiration and creativity come into our life. It’s not necessary that we’ll create something outstanding. We can do ordinary actions with creativity. Everybody experiences such periods, some people rare, others more often. Somebody make use of these periods, others miss or spend them on trifles.

NLP New – Coding which this book is speaking about, will help you to notice such periods in your life (when you’re lucky, talented, full of energy), then to bring them into reality whenever you want, and only after that to make them serve you. If you want, New – Coding is a study of achieving Mastery in any sphere. The only way of achieving it is practice, practice, and practice in combination with your ability to listen to your unconsciousness and to use its infinite sources.

This book will be useful either for NLP – teachers or for representatives of other professions. Whoever wants to become a Genius or a Master at least?

Cost – 200 rub.


The bare truth about the blind faith

Timur Gagin, Svetlana Borodina

“… This book is intended for those who don’t like to be fooled. When a focus’s secret is disclosed, the focus finishes existing. After you’ll have read this book you’ll obtain a guaranteed immunity from any kind of charlatanism however scientifically it’ll be described…”

N.I.Kozlov, a psychologist, a director of a training centre “Syntone”

Cost – 200 rub.


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